Starting off with some drink recipes – 5 Gin Cocktails for the Summer.  The Honey Beer is quite appealing to me.  By the way, have you tried Comb spirits yet? I’ve been enjoying the Comb Vodka at Paulie’s during Chris’ Charity Concerts, but they also produce a gin, the only gin made with distilled honey.  Check out Comb products here.

I love this little piece that could have been written about my family.  I haven’t kept all of my Italian family’s tradition, and made some new ones with my own family now, but one that I strive for, even in this crazy, busy life we lead, is eating dinner together.  It’s definitely not easy.   Read Eating Dinner As a Family Matters (More Than Making It to Every Ballet Class and Soccer Game) and let me know what you think.

Ok, who’s hungry?  It’s lunchtime as I write this and looking at these photos and reading the reviews of these 15 pizza places in NYC is making me drool.   What’s your favorite pizzeria?


Last link combines music and food, what could be better?  This NY Times article speaks to the emergence of better food at concerts and specifically highlights the upcoming Great GoogaMooga Festival this weekend in Brooklyn (wish I had known about this earlier!)  Also, check out this food porn, I mean, slide show of some of the food being served at GoogaMooga.

Thanks for reading!  Have a good weekend


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