Wednesday 10 Feb 2016

Episode 2

OK last week Chris picked the winning video (well according the voting). It wasn’t even close. Congrats Black Taxi (74%). Thanks for watching (and voting). Episode one (I love the end credits with the dumpster dive)

Please support the bands. Buy a CD (or better yet an album), go see them live, buy a tee shirt. Thanks.
Cage the Elephant
Quiet Company


  1. Lou says:

    Poor Jim, pour Jim another one…

  2. Chris Bro says:

    So Lou you voted Quiet Company?

    Thanks for watching.

  3. Lisa says:

    Sorry Jim.

  4. Sully says:

    I voted Cage the Elephant. I had to…..they’re so Pixies-ish, so raw……so rock and roll. Loved the Quiet Company song too, though. A close one. I just want more people to appreciate Cage the Elephant (not even on the ballot for many Best of 2011 album lists, which stuns me).

    BTW the way, the show is looking great. Nice banter, good chemistry, and the opening and closing credits are sharp. Two shows in, and already a Kevin Bacon reference. Fantastic.

    Finally, no rules right? I mean, what if I like the song but not the video? Or love a band but think the visuals/imagery of the other entrant are superior? Just a visceral thing? Click and move on? I must know.

  5. Chris Bro says:

    Hey Cage the Elephant was a best of 2011 at NEXT

    We’ll be covering your questions this week but the short answer yes no rules. Click and move on. Then tell a few friends. Please.

  6. Lou says:

    I did vote twice. I liked both tunes

  7. Jared says:

    Y’all a bunch of Chris lovers!!! Cage has my vote for both video and song. Good pick Jim!… I still have love for you though, Chris…

  8. Jessica says:

    Love CTE and QC but when you put those two song side by side QC was so bright and lively. I honestly love that song.

  9. Luce says:

    Quiet Company is a worthy candidate, but Cage already has the job. If there is justice, Jim will prevail and even this series up.

  10. Chris Bro says:

    Thanks Luce but as you know already Life isn’t fair.

  11. Rob K says:

    Wow, you guys made it really hard this week! Two great songs and very different for one another. In the end, as much as I like Cage the Elephant and loved the guitar in that particular song, I really, really like the Quiet Company sound. And yet, as I write this, I have voter regret because I really like the Cage song too….

    Great job guys. I love the concept. One suggestion, I love that you have the FB page for me to follow, but then I have to come to ATN to vote. I understand you may not want, or be able to link voting from one place to another, but can you include a link on the FB page/posts to the voting page? That way, when it shows up in my FB newsfeed and I watch it there, I don’t have to then go to ATN to find 900 seconds to vote.

    Other than that, I love it!

  12. Chris Bro says:

    Good point. I wish I could embed the voting into youtube but it wouldn’t let me. I’ll see about FB.

    Thanks for watching and thank you for your comment. Both appreciated. It is only ep 2 we are working things out (while you watch…fun). Anything else? Anyone?

  13. Lisa says:

    Ok Jim’s got a vote from me and not just because he said my cupcakes were the best he’s ever eaten 😉 I LOVE Cage the Elephant though that Quiet Company song is definitely a good one too.

    And as a marketer, I say make them come to your website, Chris. It’s only one click over, it’s very manageable and clean without redirects or anything, and the best part is it gets them to your site, where they may linger longer and check out other things like your podcast. My two cents…

  14. Chris Bro says:

    There is so much good on ATN that I hope they explore.

    Thanks Lisa

  15. Rob K says:

    Yes, just to clarify, I’m not suggesting that you don’t make users come to ATN, just don’t make users have to open a new window and type in a URL — because many will not and you’ll suppress your response. You just need to give users a link that is truly one click away — which I see you’ve now done. (Man you’re quick!) Thanks.

  16. Jana says:

    Jim should take this one. Liked the song, liked the lyrics, liked the video & liked Jim’s Mick/Kurt hybrid assessment, though I might lean more toward Mick & Billy Joe Armstrong.
    BTW -great show and good dynamic you 2 have.

  17. Rob says:

    CAGE should take this hands down! The numbers are a bit slanted towards Chris – hmmm??? Can someone say “RIGGED” – ?

    Love the show & looking forward to your fans doing the right thing this go-round – VOTING FOR CAGE!

  18. Chris says:

    The interwebs are not rigged. Sometimes it comes down to skill. Sometimes it comes down to luck. Sometimes it comes down to which band get the word out.

    I contacted both bands (I don’t know about Jim) and let them know that we featured (promoted) their song on 900 Seconds.

  19. Grace says:

    Sorry Chris, HAD to vote for Cage- and then immediately downloaded it!
    Though both videos were really good- very close. Also love the intro to 900 seconds!!

  20. David says:

    Quiet Company by the slightest bit.


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