Hey there lover of great new music. Thanks for listening. Like a song? Leave a comment. Next week is the best of May (and of NEXT being back on the radio)

If you buy your songs on iTunes you can help Next gather a few pennies by clicking on this link to week 316′s playlist on iTunes. Thanks. (also there is a special place in heaven for those you the click on the link and buy a few songs)

Artist and song title: The Echo Friendly – Worried, Garbage – I Hate Love, Deer Tick – Born at Zero, Tribes – When My Day Comes, Subliminal Reality Project – Love Interuption (Jack White Cover), Best Coast – The Only Place, Deep Sea Arcade – Lonely In Your Arms, An Horse – Airport Death, Conor Oberst – One Of My Kind, Guided By Voices – Class Clown Spots a UFO, George Harrison – Mama You’ve Been On My Mind (Demo), Father John Misty – Well You Can Do It Without Me, Jack White – Hip Poor Boy, Everclear – Be Careful What You Ask For, Cornershop – Something Makes You Feel Like, Antennas Up – the Awkward Phase

and remember if you love someone hug them right now.

Have you watched 900 Seconds yet? Try it. You may like it.


  • WOCM out of Ocean City Maryland. Sunday nights at 10pm. http://irieradio.com/

    PS: they might be adding Black Taxi to their regular rotation. I haven’t played one show on their air and already I’ve gotten more love from them then I did in 5 years somewhere else.

  • Loved so much about this week’s show. Rare that I run out and buy three tracks after a show, but Best Coast, Deer Tick (missed that EP) and Oberst are all in my iTunes collection now.

    Good luck on the new gig. Recording in Westchester, uploaded to Ocean City?

  • I didn’t use the link. Sorry. I owe you a beer.

    Where is the link for future reference? I’m seeing the iTunes link for the podcast, but not for purchasing the songs.

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