Well it appears the President has finally taken a stand on gay marriage or has he?  I’ve had disdain for our President, and just about everyone else in Washington, for a long time because he never seems to take a stand on anything.  So I can’t say I was surprised when I saw the president continue his non stance on gay marriage yesterday.  It appears the President is kinda sorta for gay marriage if it’s OK with everyone but not really if you don’t like it.  My message to the President is MAN UP.  You’re the leader of the free world act like it.  Remember when the President said he wanted to close Guantanamo Bay?  Last I checked it was still open.  I am actually against the closing of Guantanamo Bay but at this point I’d much rather have a president who can stick to his guns.  Let’s face it the president is a political light weight.  He’s spineless and seemingly only takes a stance if t’s popular enough.  Obama needs to go ahead and come out for gay marriage already.  He should do it because it’s the right thing to do.  To take the type of stance he has is an absolute disgrace.  Although I guess nowadays expecting a politician to do what he thinks is right rather than what he thinks is popular is a lot to ask.  When will we get a presidential candidate who stands for what they believe in? We need someone who will stick to there convictions because they believe it’s right.  Not someone who will bow down to the religious right, or even those big corporations with all that money.  Right now we have a president who can’t take a stand on anything and a candidate running against him who’s stances seem to change on a daily basis depending on the crowd he’s speaking to.  Still not sure if Romney is for national health care or not.  Seemed like a good idea when he thought of it in his home state of Massachusetts but a horrible idea if anyone else thinks of it.  Maybe we can somehow hire the guys from “Inception” to go into his head and make Romney think he thought of national healthcare himself.  I say this November they should change the voting booths.  There should be 3 levers to pull.  One lever for Romney, one lever for Obama, and a third marked “bullet”.  Upon pulling the third lever a bullet will be immediately shot into the voter’s head and they will be carried out and done with the whole thing.  I say this coming November vote Bullet for your third party candidate.

 UPDATE:  Well it appears that hours after the president read this piece he had a change of heart and took a stance for gay marriage.  I’m even more influential than I thought. OK so maybe it was a giant coincidence but I’ll take it.  Still don’t like how he strategically waits until he thinks it’s OK to take a stance like this but certainly I can’t knock the stance itself.

Coach let me set the record straight.  Being gay should not be outlawed and neither should getting married.  Got it?


  • Gay marriage or not , pretty soon with the economical policy Obama is pursuing no one will afford getting married or ” apology to the gays” having or raising children.
    Coach let’s worry more about the state of our economy, keep your eyes on the ball.

    • Solid point Doc. The economy is the big issue. I don’t think the gay marriage thing hurts or helps Obama for the election. Anybody who’s against gay marriage wasn’t voting for him anyway and vice versa. Thanks for reading.

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