I missed The Voice last night but was floored today when I saw Tony Lucca’s rendition of ’99 Problems’. I paused my DVR in the middle of his performance and immediately looked up one of my favorite covers of ’99 Problems’ from Hugo.

Hugo Chakrabongse Levy, who worked with Beyonce and has covered Jay-Z’s hit single, joined Roc Nation in 2010 and has since been performing around the world. While Hugo has a set of dedicated fans so dose Tony Lucca but I have to ask how similar is too similar of a rendition?

 check out both videos below


Adam Levine admitted that him and Lucca were inspired by Hugo’s version of the song. Now who did it better?


  • After listening to the studio version of both I have to say I love both, I wouldn’t say either is better other than for the timing of tony’s performance now that was just classic!

  • I totally thought Tony slayed it! It is obvious that they used the hugo version…. but I think his voice is sooo much better than the other guy! I am a long time fan and I love the tone and swag of his voice! So my vote still goes to tony. Hugo good, tony better!

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