Today’s music video come to us from a band called Chappo. Don’t know too much about this band except that they rock.  Maybe the Bro master can fill us in with the details.  The name of this song is called “Come Home”.  Enjoy!


  • I found this

    Thank Manhattan’s unforgiving rental market for the birth of the band Chappo. When co-founder Chris Olson read an ad for a roommate needed in namesake member Alex Chappo’s sweet East Village pad, he made sure to show up to the open house first. It was serendipitous, because once they realized they were like-minded musicians looking for a new gig, Olson basically never left and the group was born. Mixing Olson’s formal musical training and Chappo’s Louisiana-bred, cross-genre swagger, the pair has created a dynamic, catchy take on swirly psych-pop. Olson recently chatted with Spinner about forming the band, rising above the Brooklyn pack and landing a song in an iPod commercial.

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