Next Charity Concert: The Modern Electric

May 8, 2012By ChrisConcert Series 7 Comments

The Modern Electric performing live at Paulie’s in Pleasantville for the NEXT charity concert series. This is just a sample of the night. An EP if you will. Playlist: Intro, Where I Belong, David Bowie, All We Have Is Now, It’s a Man’s World (James Brown cover) and a special thank you to BNK productions … Read More

Tony Lucca Vs. Hugo

May 8, 2012By JobeeJamsJessMusic 3 Comments

I missed The Voice last night but was floored today when I saw Tony Lucca’s rendition of ’99 Problems’. I paused my DVR in the middle of his performance and immediately looked up one of my favorite covers of ’99 Problems’ from Hugo. Hugo Chakrabongse Levy, who worked with Beyonce and has covered Jay-Z’s hit single, joined … Read More

Music Video Of The Day

May 8, 2012By CoachMusings By Mark 2 Comments

Today’s music video come to us from a band called Chappo. Don’t know too much about this band except that they rock.  Maybe the Bro master can fill us in with the details.  The name of this song is called “Come Home”.  Enjoy!