Welcome music lovers. This is part four.

This is part three
This is part two
This is part one

I know I’ve been going through 8 songs per post but since this is the last one (and I’m a giver) I’m giving you 10 (I told you I’m a giver).

Bad Veins – Don’t Run
Criminally underappreciated power pop from Cincinnati duo. But that’s why you listen to Next right? (sorry this was the best I could find on youtube)

Bahamas – I Got You Babe
From Toronto and right now most famous for being piano and guitar player for Feist but I say he should be more famous for this solo project.

Sugar & The Hi Lows – See It for Yourself
New music with an old soul. Great garage rock

Zeus – Love/Pain
Chair dancing music of the the finest order. Bounces along actually more like lopes, no?

A Place To Bury Strangers – You Are The One
Joy Division meets Jesus and Mary Chain. Chris Bro happy boy. You should be too. Unless you have girl parts then you may be a happy girl.

Cloud Nothings – Stay Useless
Back to Ohio. Holy balls midwest indie rock. Hey middle USA what is in your water? Can my kids have some please

Mark Lanegan Band – Bleeding Muddy Water
Taking a turn into darkness but c’mon the look at the song title again were you expecting rainbows and unicorns?

Civil Twilight – Fire Escape
Had a blast at the World Cup (not sure what this has to do with the song, Chris) (maybe because it was held in South Africa) (OK but really don’t you think you should concentrate on the music) (sure) This song will get stuck in your head (but in a good way)

Sleigh Bells – Comeback Kid
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw them live at SXSW. Holy NINs people. What a stack of Marshalls too.

also took this picture

Blood Red Shoes – Lost Kids
Another duo making a ton of noise from the UK

And of course a bonus track (Chris you’ve been giving 8 songs per post and now you’ve covered 10 songs isn’t that “bonus” enough?) (I’m a giver plus she is making her famous Turkey Meatballs…mmm meatballs)

Meiko – Stuck On You

Every month I throw our favorite songs into an iTunes mix called “Best of 2012”. I just looked and we have 98 songs in that mix already (you can listen at spotify).

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