It’s our Pi show. Thanks for listening and welcome to May.

If you use iTunes please click on this link and help out NEXT by buying a song or two.

Artist and song title: Mystery Jets – Someone Purer, Jack White – Missing Pieces, In Like Lions – Sheets, Imagine Dragons – Round and Round, Quiet Company – In Between Day (The Cure Cover), Spiritualized – Hey Jane, Loudon Wainwright III – Something’s Out To Get Me, Trampled by Turtles – Midnight On the Interstate, Glen Hansard – Love Don’t Leave Me Waiting, Hacienda – Savage, Bear in Heaven – The Reflection of You, Miike Snow – Paddling Out, High Highs – Horses, Violens – Totally True, Little Radar – Spitfire, The Modern Electric – David Bowie (Live)


  • Hi, looks like there’s an issue with the audio file. It won’t download properly to iTunes and when I try to listen directly from the site, I get nothing. I also tried downloading the audio file directly from the site and instead got an html page. Is anyone else having the same issue?

  • For iTunes you can use this link

    It seems that a band has lawyered 4 shared up. 4 shared has suspended the download option. It wasn’t a huge band either. Don’t they realize that they are the bands I’m trying to help? In fact, it was a song from years ago too (3). I guess their lawyers are trying to prove that they are doing something?

    If you have a smart phone definitely get the stitcher app

    Let me see what I can do. Sorry.

  • OK I just jumped on my wife’s sony and see what you are saying. Looks like all the links at 4 shared are down. I thought it was just the artist that filed a compliant.

    Scroll down to the libsyn link and use that right now. I’ll need to find a new place to store my show.


  • Yes it is working.
    And the music is enjoyable .
    Play on
    Lawyers!!! They make life so simple.
    How about some songs that describe them?

  • Great week. Loved hacienda and miike snow. Glen Hansard was great. I think there were only one or two that I wouldn’t put on my iPod

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