Welcome to part 3. Part 1 and part 2 if you missed them or simply want to bask in their glory once again.

Quiet Company – You, Me and The Boatman
I know it’s a 2011 song but luckily thanks to Jessica I finally heard this brilliant band. I’m getting away with 2011 because (well it’s my site) and I played during this years NEXT shows. It sounds great driving (fast or slow), on headphones and on big ass speakers. Crank it and enjoy. It’s a cool modern love song too. Done and done.

Alabama Shakes – I Found You
So much buzz I almost decided not to include this but there might be someone out there that hasn’t heard the buzz. Luckily they are brilliant live and can survive the over saturation. I hope. Enjoy. Plus this would make for a great wedding video song. Right Allison?

Ben Kweller – Jealous Girl
I’m a sucker for power pop. You should be too. Join me. The water is fine.

Heartless Bastards – Late in the Night
Dirty. Mean. Sexy. Bloody good. Radio is missing out on this jam. Silly old technology. When is someone going to hire me to program a cool station? Anyone? Bueller?

The Men – Candy
Like a long lost brother of the Rolling Stone’s “Dead Flowers”. Different subject though.

M. Ward – Primitive Girl
Damn this song makes me smile. M Ward for president. I wonder if this is about Zooey?

Todd Snider – New York Banker
Tells the story of the working class better than Bruce. Yes you heard me. Now go this man in concert. Brilliant and funny. Thank me later. I hate that good things happen to bad people. I wish Lennon was correct about that instant karma thing.
What? No video of this song on Youtube? OK I’ll post “Alright Guy”

First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar
Gotta love the Swedes. These two young ladies have americana down. Front porch music indeed.

Sun Kil Moon – Sunshine in Chicago
Today’s bonus track. Love the lyrics. It’s mellow of course but any (every?) band can or will relate. Plus I’m from Chicago.


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