Part two. If you missed or just want to re-live (listen) to part one again please do.

Graffiti6 – Star Into the Sun
Fun and funky look at love lost but life goes on right? Wish I’d seen them at SXSW. Maybe next year?

Romany Rye – Untitled Love Song
Good front porch music or Neo-Americana. Oh and the Counting Crows covered this song on their latest LP (nothing but covers)

Charlie Simpson – Thorns
I’ll call him the UK’s Bob Schneider until further notice. I love Bob so…..
This song just screams for warm weather and friends and good times

The Lumineers – Stubborn Love
Wow more front porch music. I guess I’m in the mood to hang with a few close beer with a case of craft beer. Anybody want to come over? I’ll be on the front porch with this playlist and cooler and a bottle opener.
Please listen to the lyrics. Brilliant.

Mona – The Tally
The opening line kills me…me with my wrinkled ass. Don’t call me mister call me Grandpa New Music

Andrew Bird – EyeOnEye
No one in rock music can whistle like this man. Love it. Also loving the jangly, early REMish guitars too. Chris Bro happy boy.

Nick Waterhouse – If You Want Trouble
Going way back on this one. How is this the only video of this tune? We’ve got to get him for a NEXT charity concert. Too cool.

Hospitality – Friends of Friends
This song will get me off the porch. So true. Friends are good. Old friends? yes. New friends? yes. Bring them all. One question though why are all their videos “down” at youtube?

Jack White – Love Interruption
I think I’m back on the porch now. Did you miss me? Crack me open another beer please.

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