I play 15 (or so) songs per week. I throw our favorite songs into an iTunes mix called “Best of 2012”. I just looked and we have 98 songs in that mix already (you can listen at spotify). I think it’s a good time to run through a few of our favorite favorites. We’ll start with 8. More coming.

Pickwick – Blackout
Voice of an angel. Love this band. Saw them at SXSW. Just wow. You need to see this band live. The lyrics are dark. I’ve heard that it might be about the suicide of Ian Curtis of Joy Division. One of my favorite songs that I’ve played on NEXT this year (duh it’s in this post Bro). Yes I know this was released in 2011.

Howler – Back of Your Neck”
Out of Minneapolis and these guys can’t even legally buy beer. Surf + The Mats + a wee bit of punk = your new favorite guitar band.

Leonard Cohen – Darkness
The rock poet with a brilliant backing back.

Deep Sea Arcade – Girls
Modern shoegaze. Chris Bro happy boy. Brings back the foolish days of my youth. True I’m still foolish but at least people are fooled for a bit by my wrinkled face (mistaking it for a bit of wisdom). This will be my warm weather jam.

Punch Brothers – This Girl
Chris Thile of Nickel Creek fame with his new group. This is front porch music of the finest order. Grab a beer and watch the sun go down with this in the background.

Allah-Las – Catamaran
Surf inspired pop-punk. Sure I’ll go with that. It’s like the 60s never ended. Nick Waterhouse produced this. Man I love that man.

Black Taxi – Hand
Can I call you guys my house band? When in doubt Black Taxi. They are my 6 year old girl’s favorite band. I’m sure a few other female type people enjoy them too. Remember Kings Of Leon when they were cool? Back in 2004. When Aha Shake Heartbreak came out…well that is BT now. KOL 2004 is BT 2012.

Imagine Dragons – It’s Time
Soaring anthems out of Vegas. Great live. This is a good song to play with the top down. Saw them at SXSW and talked with their guitarist.

Elliott Brood – Northern Air
A best of 2011 but they finally released their LP. So this one’s a bonus. Enjoy.

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