Hey everyone. My Tweet (and facebook post) got me thinking about cool things. Perfect things. About life and the little moments. A small list of things I like and hopefully you do too. Please add to this list in the comment section…or don’t.

Finding new music years before anyone else
Case in point Meiko, Black Taxi and the many, many more still to come (I hope) as I continue my quest in becoming Grandpa New Music.

Craft Beer
Especially IPAs.

Live music
It’s good for your soul

Record Store Day
April 21st (also our Charity concert too). But here in Westchester NY there are no record stores. WTF? Really? I have an idea of turning a RV into a mobile record store. Someone want to fund it?

All year. Especially in the snow.

A child’s laughter

What’s not to like. You can FF through adverts. Watch when you want. Hit pause. Get a beer. Take a potty break.

Handmade. With fresh limes. Never a mix. Never.

The “Princess Bride” is the perfect family movie.

Big fucking bonfires

Second chances
and proving your worth after “they” cast you aside. “They” suck. “They” don’t deserve what they got. Don’t turn into “them”.

Family ski trips
Not cheap but honestly one of the best family trips. I love that you wake up. Have breakfast. Ski all day. Eat Dinner. Hang out and go to bed. It’s a re-wakening to our natural Circadian rhythms. Time well spent.

Backpacking is my favorite but I’ll take car camping. Especially with kids.

especially with my kids.

Lightning bugs

The World Cup
Going with my brother. I invite friends and family. They say they are coming. They don’t. It’s just my brother and me. We wake up. Have breakfast. Go to the match. Drink beer. Head to a pub to watch the rest of the days matches. Drink beer. Go to bed. Wake up and doing it all over again.

Taking that perfect photo

Not bringing your camera

At the theater. At Home on DVD or streamed. I know the popcorn is bad for me but I still like it.

Old. New. And the surprising ones. The ones that come at the perfect time.

Breakfast for Dinner.
Especially huevos rancheros.


Thanks for reading. More later. Please add yours. And if you love someone hug them right now.


  • Sound Of the waves,
    Coming over and over again on the beach…

    Georgia on my mind
    Because… It’s the Perfect song…

    Looking at the stars,
    Late at night, listening to their music.

    Laying on the grass with my kid and hubby
    Just to watch the clouds passing by.

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