If you follow what I’ve read you know that I’ve been reading this book for awhile. I’ve never read it. I don’t know why but one day I walked into a bookstore. OK I know why I walked into the bookstore but I wasn’t looking for anything in particular. I love the mystery. The “finding”. It’s like a book beckons me. (sometimes…in this case definitely) So I find myself in a bookstore (local and independent) and I look at the shelve and out pops Moby Dick. I realize that I have never read the book. Why now? It’s as if life knew what was going to happen. So I picked it up. I usually read a few books at one time. I had a bunch of books on my shelve ready for me but I thought “wow I’m drawn to this book right now”. I’ll buy it.

I’ll start (sorry Bro but you’re already one paragraph deep) with you should read this book. It’s not an easy read. It’s not a slog (ok it is). It’s not a fun read (ok sometimes it is). It is a must read though (yes it is…maybe after a bit of life lived though). The story is great. Universal. Timely? I found most of the technogical whaling sections…boring? Not sure that’s the right word but I’ll leave it for now.

So I started reading Moby Dick a long time ago. The book picked me. I had to read it. Right? It’s amazing the way worlds collide. I was about one third of the way done when my dad died. Suicide. So as a reader I picked up books about suicide. In one of the books it stated that Melville’s son had committed suicide. That some “Moby Dick experts” think that the deep dark sea is madness. It’s depression. My mind as blown. What the fuck? Seriously why after 42 years of not reading Moby Dick did I pick up the book? I struggled every time I picked up the book. Another reason it took me so long to get through the book.

PS: They, the experts, think a lot about what everything and everyone in the story really is. Oh and what ever you think it is…well you are right.

So I’m done. I just started another book that was a Christmas gift from my wife “The Art of Fielding“. Now I’m not a baseball guy. I tried to play when I was little. I didn’t like it. First of all I had to wear long pants. In the summer. Really? Plus you stand there while two guys play catch and if a ball is hit one guy does something. You watch. I wanted to run around. Soccer? Yes. Basketball? Yes. Baseball? pass. Anyway so I’m not a big baseball guy. I pick up the book. It’s good. Reminds me a bit of my collegiate soccer days. OK I can get into this. Then bam…smack right in my face…Melville is back. I’ve only just begun the book but there is plot point about Herman.

OK world. Whats next?

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