Week 307 03.14.12

March 14, 2012By ChrisMusic Podcast 4 Comments

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Thank you for listening and a big thank you if you’ve told a friend about us.…

Music Video Of The Day

March 13, 2012By CoachMusings By Mark 2 Comments

Every so often this song gets in my head.  I like to reflect on it’s awesomeness.  Today’s video comes to us from one of the only all black rock groups ever.  Today it’s Living Colour with “Cult Of Personality”.  If …

Music Video Of The Day

March 9, 2012By CoachMusings By Mark 1 Comment

Today’s music video come s to us from a white man with dreads. At first I thought it wasn’t a great look for him but then I saw him without the dread locks and decided maybe they weren’t that bad.  …

Week 306 03.07.12

March 7, 2012By ChrisMusic Podcast No Comments

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Thanks for listening. Simple goal here at NEXT: Find you a next new favorite song. Please …

Music Video Of The Day

March 2, 2012By CoachMusings By Mark 2 Comments

I don’t think I could be more in love with today’s artist.  Seriously if I loved her more the police might be involved.  In fact they may or may not already be.Is it my fault that I just enjoy staring …