Superhuman Happiness
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Artist and song title: Mona – The Tally, Ben Kweller – Jealous Girl, The Men – Candy, Wilco – Born Alone (live), Knox Sisters – Billie Jean (Live MJ Cover), Lucero – I Can’t Stand to Leave You, Bern & The Brights – Starchild, Craig Finn – Honolulu Blues, Royal Baths – Faster Harder, Motive – What’s So Bad?, Superhuman Happiness – The Hounds, Zeus – Love Pain, Dirty Ghosts – Shout It In, Dr John – Revolution

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The Men


  • Great week, Chris! Loved Lucero, Dr. John, Mona (like Lou said, we really enjoyed seeing them live – I think they opened up for TATE), and of course those talented Knox Sisters. Thanks for playing Motive. I like em, hope other people do too. Charity concert material? And since you asked for the good the bad and the ugly, I really do not like Randy Newman, I mean, Craig Finn. It’s the voice, the style, just doesn’t do it for me, personally. It’s the reason why I’m in the minority about Alejandro Escovado too… oh well.

  • HEY NOW leave poor Alejandro out of this. Plus I love him. Thanks I do ask for the good the bad and the ugly so thank you.

    I contacted Motive. I haven’t heard back. I did hear back from Superhuman Happiness and we are trying to get a date for them to come out to Paulie’s.

  • Good enough rendition of Billie Jean, but I loved their version of My doorbell, a masterpiece specially ending it with Son of a preacher man. I would love to see them live, such a young talent. The Knox sisters amaze me.
    For my vote I like this week simple sound , it is The Men , Candy.
    PS I like Alejandro Escovedo

  • The Good: As you said, it’s nice to have the good doctor back and it was great way to end the show this week. I’ve never heard anything from Wilco I haven’t liked so that’s always a winner for me, but didn’t get my vote. I was tempted to vote for Ben Kweller because I’m a sucker for power pop and the Royal Baths song was very cool too. In the end, it was between Motive and The Men for me with Candy from The Men finally getting my vote, but it was a toss up.

    The Bad: I didn’t much care for Lucero (very formulaic and generic) or Super Human Happiness.

    Looking forward to the next NEXT show!

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