I recently enjoined my first time at SXSW, and while running into people like Tom Chaplin of Keane on 6th Street is cool I had the pleasure of running into Shane Lawlor lead singer of Electric Touch. Who is Electric Touch you might ask? Only the new buzz band out of Austin with a record deal from Island, the same place that holds the name of Airborne Toxic Event. If you are a fan of the stylistic blending of American rock with British punk then Electric Touch might just give you what you need till TATE comes out with something new. Check out the bands video for Don’t Stop and consider this a teaser to get your palate wet.

Thankfully the guys from Electric Touch took some time before a larger interview with a radio station to give me some insght on the new album ‘Never Look Back’ as well as share news of what is to come for the band. Listen below for the bands take on SXSW, hanging out with Billy Corgan, and what to expect from the album.



As the band plugged numinous times in the interview the album comes out today March 20th and will have an album release party in New York at Pianos. This is a show that if you are in the area you have to stop in and get all dance sweaty with the guys. Tickets are only $8 and well worth it if you liked the video above.

Find Never Look back on  iTunes on Spotify and catch the band on tour with Hot Chelle Rae through May.

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