Thursday 11 Feb 2016

Week 307 03.14.12

Thank you for listening and a big thank you if you’ve told a friend about us.

Artist and song title: 2:54 – You’re Early, Delta Spirit – California, Bear in Heaven – You Do You, Courtesy Tier – Fall Asleep, Telekinesis – Sheila Take a Bow (The Smiths Cover), Todd Snider – New York Banker, Honey Honey – Ohio, Lee MacDougall – Stay, Dexys – Nowhere is Home, Dum Dum Girls – Coming Down, Kishi Bashi – It All Began With a Burst, Nick Waterhouse – Some Place, Heartless Bastards – Parted Ways, Nada Surf – Waiting For Something, The Pretty Reckless – Make Me Wanna Die (live)

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  1. Doc says:

    Variable and evolving music, that is what Delta Spirit has brought us.
    Time for fame, they have my vote.

  2. Sully says:

    That Dexy’s song sounds like the soundtrack for a near empty bar at 4:00AM. I’m not really sure what that means.

    Love the Dum Dum girls song…….they have my vote this week.

  3. Jennifer C. says:

    Lee MacDougall – Stay has my vote. His songs have this amazing ability to paint pictures with words.

  4. Beth says:

    Lee MacDougall’s “Stay” is one of the most emotionally moving songs I’ve ever heard. Love it.


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