Music Video of The Day

March 6, 2012By CoachMusings By Mark No Comments

I’m going to go right ahead and say it these chicks are hot.  Today’s video comes to us from the Dum Dum Girls.  Is it me or does this video have kind of a Robert Palmer quality to it?  It’s the Dum Dum Girls with “Bedroom Eyes”.  Enjoy!  

Chris Cornell Is Officially Uncool

March 6, 2012By CoachMusings By Mark 5 Comments

Sorry guys I know you all love Chris Cornell.  Heck I love the guy but he’s officially uncool.  You may be asking yourself how I came to this conclusion.  Well, believe it or not, it all happened after Whitney Houston died.  That’s right it’s all Whitney Houston’s fault.  Right after Whitney Houston thought it’d be … Read More

Next on TV: The Roadhouse (again)

March 6, 2012By ChrisMusic No Comments

I go both ways now. Thanks to The Roadhouse on PCTV. I’ve been interviewee and now interviewer. Roadhouse host, Jim Horigan, invited me to hangout with Scott Vaccaro the head brewmaster of Captain Lawrence Brewery. What? I’m going to say no? Jim does his brilliant thing and then hands off the interview to me, behind … Read More