Wild Belle SXSW Interview

March 29, 2012By JobeeJamsJessMusic 2 Comments

The first interview I had at SXSW was with the band Wild Belle, a brother and sister duo Natalie and Elliot. The band had some buzz before SXSW and I found out about them from The Guardian.  At that point …

Week 309 Best of March

March 28, 2012By ChrisMusic Podcast No Comments

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Imagine DragonsOur best songs of March. Enjoy. Artist and song …

Music Video Of The Day

March 23, 2012By CoachMusings By Mark No Comments

I’m posting this video because it’s Friday and I feel like everyone needs to get up and dance.  Also because robots are cool.  Today’s video is Beck with “Hell Yes”.  So get up and dance don’t worry about the guy …

Simple Questions: SXSW 2012

March 22, 2012By ChrisMusic 5 Comments

SXSW the center of the music universe. Sure a music journalist could (should) go down there with a “press pass”, contact bands ahead of time and plan well thought out, in depth band questions. That’s what one would expect. I …

Week 308 03.21.12

March 21, 2012By ChrisMusic Podcast 6 Comments

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Superhuman HappinessThanks for listening

Artist and song title: Mona – The Tally, Ben Kweller – Jealous …

Music Video Of The Day

March 21, 2012By CoachMusings By Mark No Comments

OK everyone it’s time to break out you lighters.  For today’s video I went with the cheesy 80’s power ballad route.  Although I think this may have actually been made in 1990 or 1991.  In fact it may be the …

SXSW 2012

March 19, 2012By ChrisMusic 6 Comments

My motto: Make more good choices than bad.

I think I did ok, especially since I decided to head down only a few weeks ago. Getting the SXSW app was key. So was having a smartphone too. Oh another hint: …