OK so it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re out there trying to put together a last minute romantic dinner date because you totally didn’t realize it was Valentine’s Day.  It’s cool you’re a man and you probably had very manly thoughts filling your head and Valentine’s Day just wasn’t one of them.  Have no fear your buddy Coach is hear to help.  First things first let’s set the mood.  Below are three links that will instantly establish an ambiance.  Open each of these in a new tab.  The third one you may want to enlarge to make it fit your whole screen.

Open this link in a new tab

Then Open this link in a new tab

Then open this link in another new tab

Voila instant ambiance.  Now all you need to do is order some food from her favorite restaurant, get yourself a bottle of wine and you’re done.  OK so you’re felling like going the extra mile.  Go to the grocery store get the good kind of pasta and make a pasta dish.  Pasta is meant for us men.  Boil water throw it in there and 10 minutes later it’s done.  If you are going for boyfriend/husband of the year you can get really fancy and make a piece of chicken or something to go with it.  You’re on your own though if you want a fancy chicken recipe.  You can make a salad too and for dessert get something chocolate.  Chicks seem to dig that stuff.  Maybe even a red velvet something or other.  When you’re getting lucky tonight think of me.  Wait actually no don’t just thank me tomorrow instead.

Don’t be that guy






  • Just go to the super market and buy chocolate covered stawberries and on your way out pick up and bouquet of flowers from the giant floral dept display. If the store is smart both of these items are in the same area. She’ll mostly likely put out fot that. If she doesn’t she probably wouldn’t have anyway and you don’t waste time on dinner. She might share her strawberries with you though.

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