So much to cover from the biggest night in music.  In general it was pretty decent.  The Grammy’s are always the better of the awards shows because they give out very few awards.  I like the performances being the focal point.  Let’s do this the Clint Eastwood way.  I’ll list the good, the bad and the ugly from the Grammy’s.

The Good

Bruce Springsteen – Kicked off the show with a great live performance of his new tune “We Take Care Of Our Own”.  Bruce brought great energy and sounded great.  Then again he’s the Boss so we’ve come to expect that.

Bruno Mars – Turned in one of the best performances of the night.  His retro sound and look went over well.  Great dance moves and no lip syncing.  You don’t see that too often from a pop star.

Adele – Not only did Adele sound great but she looked far more comfortable on stage than she has in the past.  I was worried what would happen to her voice but she showed no ill effects of her throat surgery.  She also looked pretty good too.  Dyed her hair and I think shed a couple of pounds.  Nice job.

The Civil Wars – They sounded great.  Unfortunately they only had about 60 seconds because they were opening for Taylor Swift.  If only it were the other way around.

Jennifer Hudson – I know she was on American Idol but I think she lost.  I guess losing on that show is the best thing to happen to a singer.  She sounded great singing Whitney’s signature song.  I did notice maybe a five pound weight gain though.  Nothing major but I’l be keeping a close eye on that since she’s doing all those commercials.

The Foo Fighters – Well they weren’t bad or ugly so I guess they go here.  I’m just not crazy about that song it sounds a little generic to me.  However in a sea no talent pop acts they were a welcome rock and roll act even if they were playing in the parking lot outside.

Lady Gaga – Lady Gaga didn’t do anything last night and that was good.  She didn’t even walk the red carpet and she dressed, at least for her, pretty low key.  She kind of stepped aside and let Adele own this night and that was a good thing.

The Bad

Katy Perry – She showed up looking like one of the X-Men.  She’s normally pretty hot but last night she was sporting the same hair color as my grandmother.

Paul McCartney – Yea I know this is blasphemy but since when did he turn into Tony Bennett?  I know he just got married and everything but do we really need to listen to this crap now?  This was the least cool thing I’ve ever seen him do.  He recovered a little at the end but that other song was terrible.  Almost sounded like a song from a James Bond movie.

Coldplay – The good thing is they didn’t really perform with Rihanna.  Rihanna went on and then they just crow barred Coldplay in at the end so they really just performed one after the other.  The problem was with Chris Martin, who normally sounds great.  Last night he sounded terrible.  Don’t know what happened there but I’ll give him a pass this one time.

The Ugly


Nikki Minaj – This not only was the worst performance at the Grammy’s but it may be the worst televised performance of all time.  The whole exorcist theme just fell flat.  She showed up dressed in a red nun’s outfit accompanied by a guy dressed like a priest.  She’s basically a black Lady Gaga without the talent.  I guess a couple of yeas ago after they saw all the success of Lady Gaga dressing funny some record company guy decided it would be a good idea to a black  version to play on all the urban stations.  I can’t wait until she’s gone forever.  Until then we’ll just have to put up with her poor attempt at trying to up stage Lady Gaga.

Chris Brown – Everything about Chris Brown is bad.  The fact that he was even there is bad, the fact that he won is bad and his performance was bad.  It looked like he was performing inside that old video game “Qbert”.  Seriously it looked like the set was designed by Atari.

It’s all about the music Coach

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