Just Bob, his guitar (plugged in) and an adoring crowd. I’ve seen Mr Mould (probably) more than any other performer and I always walk away happy. Ears ringing but happy.

Last night was the first time I had witnessed him live post book. A great read if you like Bob even just a wee bit. He was almost relaxed. Having fun. Talkative. He said more in one break between songs the prior 5 shows I’d seen combined.

He talked about Dave Grohl, playing with the Foo Fighters, and how he was on the short list to produce Nevermind.

He shared his thoughts on Madonna and her halftime show, which he thought was good but acknowledged that he has a soft spot for her. “Everything was great until the splits, right?” He also noted that he loved this song by her. He commented on new Van Halen and how he couldn’t figure out this lyric “mouse-wife to mom-shell in the time it took to get that new tattoo” and guessed it was LSD induced.

He also shared a few thoughts about writing his book, the demise of the 49ers, and that he was writing new songs. He tried 3 of them out. They sound good. Can’t wait to hear the full band versions. If that’s how he decides to release them.

He sounded great, happy, and of course loud.

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