Dark, intense, amazing, dirge, uncomfortable, red lights and cool.

I haven’t seen Lanegan perform since Screaming Trees so I knew he didn’t do much on stage. Guess what he still doesn’t. He maybe moved 3 steps the entire night. Most of the time he clutched his microphone with his left hand while his right was on the stand midway down.

His backing band was tight, young and the lead guitarist wailed. Secretly I was hoping Jack Irons would be drumming for him.

If I am remembering correctly this is everything Lanegan said during the 100 minute concert, “Thank you very much”, (approaching the microphone and almost speaking then just backing down and not saying a word), “Thank you”, “Thank you”, “I love New York too” (after someone yelled out “New York loves you Mark), “Thank you very much” and “Thanks for coming out”. In fact, he didn’t even introduce or thank his guest vocalist. She did get a slight hug and kiss on the check though. Oh I think he smiled once too.

It was a brilliant night. Brilliant songs. Brilliant lyrics. Brilliantly played.

A few things that you wouldn’t hear at a Mark Lanegan concert: A lot of banter on stage, “damn he is going crazy up there”, or the quote “…and that’s where I met my wife.” One thing you will, a soulful voice laid bare for all to hear.

The Setlist.

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