So now that the super bowl is over one of my favorite phenomenon is occurring.  I’m talking about “those people”.  No this isn’t about to be a racist rant.  The phenomenon happens anytime there’s a big event in pop culture that people are talking about.  The phenomenon I’m speaking of are those people who insist on chastising those caught up in said event for not paying attention to far more pressing issues.  Let me explain.  Since the Giants won on Sunday Giant fans, like myself, have been gloating and celebrating like fans of world champions do.  Today is the parade where over a million fans will line the streets just to catch a glimpse of their team.  During all this “those people” feel the need to say things like “If only people cared about the presidential race like they do their football team” or “How can people celebrate when there’s a war going on?”.  That’s the phenomenon I speak of.  This statement can be heard every time something like the Super Bowl happens.  Those people lead a dull, boring, self important existence.  They listen to NPR, don’t eat red meat and think Janeane Garofalo is actually funny.  These are very serious people.  They are concerned with the welfare of the world and ONLY with the welfare of the world.  They don’t get distracted by such ridiculous things like the Super Bowl or the series finale of “Lost”.  They are far too busy being concerned with the war in Afghanistan, Syria, and the Presidential race.  In fact how dare any of us care about anything else with issues this important going on in the world.  What those people don’t understand is that the beautiful thing about sports and other entertainment is that you can get lost in them and forget about all of those things for just a little while.  I’m a big sports fan.  I watched the Super Bowl this year just like I have my entire life.  I watch the Super Bowl in the winter, the World Series in the fall, and even the NBA finals in the Spring.  Before that I usually take in many regular season games as well.  I’m also well aware of the situations going on in Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, North Korea, China, Darfur, Africa, Libya, Mexico, Tibet, India, Bangledesh, Iraq, Japan and oh yea The United States among others.  It’s for that reason that I watch the games and cheer on my teams with great passion.  Because the great thing about sports is that even when it’s “all on the line” it’s really not ALL on the line.  Getting lost in sports and other things is what keeps us sane.  If we were constantly obsessed with politics and war we’d be crazy like “those people”.  Sports allows everyone an escape and in a time of great discourse it brings people together.  Today is the Giants ticker tape parade and at that parade there will be blacks and whites, Jews and Christians, democrats and republicans, and many others all cheering for the same team.  For just a little while they’ll forget their differences and forget what’s going on in the world.  So I say to all sports fans feel free to gloat and brag and cheer on your team.  Complain or compliment front office moves.  Celebrate your teams championships and mourn their losses.  Don’t listen to the passionless boring people that try to bring you down.  Those people are the ones missing out.  Those people are the crazy ones.

Yea ya are.

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