OK everyone it’s one of my favorite times of the year.  It’s the unofficial holiday we Americans call the Super Bowl.  This year’s Super Bowl experience was even better for me as not only did my team make but they did in fact win the game and they beat the Patriots to boot.  As we all know the Patriots reside in the disgusting, smelly, non diverse city to the north of New York called boston.  I didn’t capitalize that on purpose because a city of such low standing doesn’t warrant capitalization.  But more on the game later.  Let’s go through the entire Super Bowl experience from the beginning because like it or not the Super Bowl isn’t just about the game anymore.  Let’s start with the pre-game which I think started last Thursday.  I’ll do this in bullet point format to take it easy on your eyes and to allow you fast reference for different sections.

The Good

The NBC BroadcastThe pre-game festivities seem to get longer and longer each year. This year I think they started on Thursday.  I was glad to see they didn’t have the awful “Red Carpet” that Fox had last year.  At least I didn’t see it. Honestly though how many people’s opinions on the Super Bowl do we really need?  Aaron Rodgers seemed a tad unnecessary.  As a player wouldn’t you be a little embarrassed commenting being that you lost a couple of weeks ago?  As a competitor I’d say the only way I’m on TV at the Super Bowl is on the field. That’s just me.  He wasn’t bad on the air though I will give him that.  Other than that NBC put on a great broadcast.  Bob Costas is the best sports broadcaster there is plain and simple maybe the best of all time.  Al Michaels, NBC’s play by play man, is right there with him.  NBC puts on the best football broadcast of all the networks by far.  Say what you want about Chris Collinsworth, he isn’t as bad you think.  Especially compared to other color men in the business.  With Al Michaels and Bob Costas you can’t go wrong.  Throw in an incredibly insightful Tony Dungy before the game, at halftime, and after the game and you have the best football broadcast there is.  Nice job NBC.  FOX and CBS take note.

The Good Commercials – I’m not a huge fan of commercials during the Super Bowl or any other time for that matter. A commercial free Super Bowl would be fine with me but obviously that can’t happen.  Overall I guess the commercials were underwhelming but it seems to me every year they are underwhelming.  Let’s go over the good one’s in no particular order.  Clint Eastwood right after half time was nice.  I love the Chrysler “Imported From Detroit” commercials.  Last year’s Eminem was the best and this is right there with it.  This Clint Eastwood commercial literally gave me goosebumps and made me want to run to the dealer and by a car. I had never heard of Teleflora Flowers and that commercial did it’s job.  Some people ask why a flower place would market towards men?  Because the men are the ones buying the flowers.  With Valentines Day only a week away most men will remember that name  and go with it.  Guys don’t care whether it’s teleflora or 1-800-Flowers it’s all the same to us.  We’re going to go with the one we remember.  The funniest commercial of the night went to Sketchers and their dog racing commercial.  Mr Quiggly for the win.

Madonna’s Half Time Show – Believe me no one is as shocked as I am that I’m listing this under the good headline but I have to say I liked it.  Sure she lip synched but I think it’s about time everyone just get over it.  People lip synch now that’s just how it is.  Sure she can’t move around like she used to and she did almost fall but overall it was pretty decent.  Played a couple of her classic tunes and put on a good show.  The video thing they had in front of the stage was also pretty cool.  Oh and if you’re offended by the middle finger get over it.  I didn’t even notice it happened until everyone was talking about it today.  If you don’t want the middle finger at half time don’t book MIA.  Blame whoever whoever booked the act.  You can’t blame a rapper for acting like a rapper.

The National Anthem – Kelly Clarkson did a nice job with it.  Not sure if she lip synched or not but sounded good.  She didn’t look all that great but sounded nice.

The Game – A great close game with a great outcome.  Can’t complain about that.

The Bad 

The Bad Commercials – Monkeys are played out we don’t need them in commercials anymore.  Same thing with Betty White (sorry Betty), polar bears and Babies.  The commercial with Jerry Seinfeld fell flat because sorry but I just didn’t believe he’d have to wait to get a car.  What I did believe is that if they did have to wait Jay Leno would somehow weasel his way in and find away to get one.  The out of shape dog thing was great until it took an odd turn and Darth Vader was involved.  Why were there aliens involved all of a sudden?  The commercial should have been over after the dog whipped himself into shape.  Also the Pepsi Elton John commercial was terrible.  I have no idea who the girl was that came out and sang.  Flavor Flave in the same room as Elton John is funny but couldn’t save that one.

Those Two People Singing God Bless America – I learned after that they were married.  I think one of them won one of those karaoke contests they show on TV.  The girl was OK but the guy and it bored me to tears.  Also why do we need both God Bless America AND The National Anthem?  Just the latter is fine.  Wait I take that back.  I don’t want to be a “pinhead” on the O’Reilly factor tonight.

Overall one of the best super bowls ever. Not much to complain about at all.

That’s right bitch.  I don’t look so goofy with two super bowl rings now do I?





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