Yesterday before the game between the Patriots and Ravens Steven Tyler sent the entire nation into a tizzy.  What was Steven Tyler’s crime against the country?  He sang the national anthem.  The problem people really had was that Steven Tyler sang the national anthem like well Steven Tyler.  How dare Steven Tyler sound like Steven Tyler when singing the anthem.  Apparently it doesn’t take much to disrespect the United States anymore.  I guess everyone’s supposed to know that you’re only allowed to sing the national anthem if you sing it well.  Also you have to sing it a certain way otherwise you might as well burn the flag and blow up a building in the name of Allah.   Steven Tyler’s rendition of the anthem on Sunday not only disrespected the our country but I think it may have even helped the Al Qaeda regroup and form some new training camps.  In all seriousness Steven Tyler’s performance wasn’t disrespectful in fact it wasn’t even bad.  I thought it was a pretty decent version.  It seems out country however continues on it’s spiral into craziness.  If you were insulted by Steven Tyler’s performance do us all a favor and move to Canada.  I hear in Canada they start every morning with the Canadian national anthem sung by the greatest singer in the world Celine Dion.  They also have less strict gun laws in Canada so you can shoot yourself in the head after the first week of listening to that.  In closing I say Steven Tyler sing on.  In fact sing with me, sing for the years.  Sing not only for the laughter but sing for the tears.  Sing with me Steven but just for today.  Hey that sounds pretty good I should write that down and make a song out of it.

Thanks for the support Coach.  Everything’s A-OK.


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