Live music keeps you young at heart. Live music for a charity event saves your soul.

I need to thank the bands that have played during our charity concert series. They make brilliant music but maybe more importantly they are good, generous and glorious people. Please support these bands. Buy a cd. A Tee shirt. Tell your friends about them. Thank you.

Our next charity concert is one not to missed. We are bringing Black Taxi back. If I may borrow a phrase from a buddy, “If you aren’t doing anything on February 10th I’ll see you at Paulie’s, if you already have plans…cancel them.” Plus it’s a CD release party. The first 50 people that buy a ticket at the door will get their new CD “We Don’t Know Any Better” (buy it at iTunes). RSVP at the Facebook Event Page. A proper post will be coming soon-ish.


Jan 13th 2012 My Pet Dragon
Opening band: Esteban Rivera

Dec 9th 2011 Fifth Nation
Opening band: Steven Wright-Mark and the Sideshow Freaks

Nov 18 2011 Wicked Tomorrow
Opening Band: Victoria Herrmann

Oct 14 2011 Deadbeat Darling
Opening Band: The Knox Sisters

Sept 9th 2011 The Twees
Opening Band: The Lesser Ghost

Aug 12 2011 Black Taxi
Opening band: Talkie Walkie

July 8th Daria Musk
Opening Band: Charlie Scopoletti

June 10th 2011 Derek James and the Lovely Fools
Opening Band: Steven Wright-Mark solo


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