We all remember the amazing images a couple of years ago of Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberg courageously landing a commercial airliner in the Hudson river and saving the lives of dozens of people on board.  That was an example of true courage in a time of extreme crisis.  On the other end of the spectrum we have Captain Schettino.  Captain Schettino ran his ship aground and then immediately hopped into a life boat and got away faster than you say “Titanic”.  Now don’t get me wrong I have no idea what I would do if I were in that situation.  I would probably panic and freak out too.  However that is why I’m not the captain of a ship.  The captain goes down with the ship.  I do have to say that this guy came up with what might possibly be the greatest excuse ever.  He said today that he tripped and fell into a life boat.  I’m going to repeat that because it bares repeating.  He said he TRIPPED AND FELL into a life boat.  Oops.  That’s as if a rapist said “your honor I was walking along and I tripped and fell and low and behold my penis went in”.  Talk about the worst excuse ever.  What if OJ just came clean and said what really happened the night he killed Nichole.  “Your honor I was merely holding a knife and I tripped and fell and accidentally stabbed my wife and some other dude”.  But let’s not totally crucify the captain.  Maybe he really sympathized with the lion in “The Wizard Of Oz” as a kid.  He deserves whatever punishment he gets and probably worse but in the meantime somebody take this guy to see the wizard and get him some courage.



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