Tim Tebow mania is in full effect.  Apparently John Parr has woken up from his 25 year coma crawled out from under his rock and has re-written the theme from St. Elmo’s fire as a tribute to Tebow.  The song is below.  I am honestly conflicted about Tebow.  He’s a great guy, a great leader and a clutch player.  On the other hand he’s kind of annoying, a terrible quarterback and he’s just too good.  Again he seems to be a great guy but let’s face it he lays it on a little thick sometimes.  I don’t think he’s a phony or anything but I think he does do certain things when he knows he’s on camera.  They put a mic on him for a game and he was singing Jesus lover songs to himself when he was sitting all alone on the bench.  This week he plays Tom Brady so I’m still not really sure who I want to win.  In the mean time enjoy John Parr’s remake and tribute to Tim Tebow.


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