roadhouseThe gracious host of The Roadhouse, Jim Horigan (the Soap Killer) invited me to be a guest on his show on PCTV. Jim is a talented actor and huge music fan. It made sense for me to finally be on TV. Yes this is the first TV interview I’ve ever done. Topics covered: The beginnings of the show NEXT including how I got the name (Kate Snow), The first time music touched me (just try to guess the tape – yes it happened on a Walkman), The NEXT Charity Concert Series at Paulies, WXRT in Chicago gets some love, find out if Chris is You, Me or Dupree, I talk a bit about two of my current favorite bands Black Taxi & Bright Light Social Hour, find out if Chris could play guitar for Katy Perry…and more. It’s 49 minutes.

Please watch and let me know what you think of The Roadhouse, of Jim and me. Enjoy it all.


  • As I stated on Facebook, we need to get you back on the air not only locally but syndicated and reach a broader audience on-line.

  • Excellent interview. Chris, you are a man of many talents. It is inspiring that you gave credit to Kate for helping you come up with the name of your NEXT show, and that you are doing these concerts at Paulie’s for charity for Gilda’s Club, and The Greyson Foundation. These organizations help so many people. I wish you much success!

  • Thanks for watching Betty. Glad it was semi-entertaining too.

    You can call me many things but lair isn’t one of them. Plus I hate when people steal from me so I give credit when and where credit is due.

  • Great interview. You are great on the radio AND on television. Awesome night at Paulie’s with My Pet Dragon. Can’t wait for Black Taxi next month.

  • Yeah Black Taxi is going to rip the roof off Paulie’s. Bring your friends and show them what great musical taste you have.

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