Thanks to BNK Productions for the recordings. This was recorded at Paulie’s in Pleasantville for the NEXT charity concert series.

Now I usually pick out a few tunes and put together an online EP for your listening enjoyment. I want you to hear the full night. Remember NEXT = High quality music. If you were at the show you already know this. Enjoy it all.

Chris Bro intro
Fight a War
Blue Gold
Done to Your Heart
Everlasting Light (The Black Keys Cover)
Never Alone
TV is Dead
Out of Control
Gold Rush
I’m in Love
All I Do (Stevie Wonder Cover)

Hopefully we see you on Friday January 13th for our Next Charity concert with My Pet Dragon.

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  • Chris, thanks for bringing Fifth Nation to Paulie’s. I loved their performance…they’ve got something special…and their personal connection works well with their music performance. What a great sound!

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