Love is a Mix Tape

January 9, 2012By ChrisBooks No Comments

By Rob Sheffield

It’s an easy book. It’s a hard book to get through. If you love music it’s a fun book. Plus I remember mix tapes. Some people wouldn’t have any idea why these two thing make sense together …

Live EP: Fifth Nation

January 9, 2012By ChrisMusic 1 Comment

Thanks to BNK Productions for the recordings. This was recorded at Paulie’s in Pleasantville for the NEXT charity concert series.

Now I usually pick out a few tunes and put together an online EP for your listening enjoyment. I want …

Music Video Of The Day

January 9, 2012By CoachMy Life In Music No Comments

I’ve been listening to this for about a week now.  It’s kinda weird but I’m liking it.  This guy kind of sounds like Sting to me but you be the judge.  His name is Gotye (Pronounced Go-Tea-Yay). …