OK both the Friday shuffle and I are back from a long slumber.  Sorry for the lack of posts this week but I just got over my hangover from New Years.  I recently got my new iPod and have loaded all of my songs on it so The Friday Shuffle is ready to go after a long break.  5,000 songs at complete random shuffle.  Here are the first ten songs that pop up.

10. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man – I always wondered if his Mom really told him all this stuff.  I call bull crap.  When I was little my Mom told me the green pasta was green because it grew on trees.

9. Dio – Holy Diver – Not only one of the greatest metal songs of all time but one of the most awesomest videos.  Do click the link and find out.  He’s so tiny I think the sword he carries in this video is bigger than he is.

8. ZZ Top – Legs – I’m not really a leg guy but this is still a cool song.  I think it would take me a good ten years to grow out my beard like ZZ Top.  I’ll start now.

7. U2 – Electrical Storm – I still don’t know if this song is good or not.

6. Manfred Mann – DooWah Diddy – Go ahead click it. You know you want to.  Annnnnd now this song is stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

5. Hugo – 99 Problems – Awesome cover of a great Jay-Z song.  Bluegrass banjo + Jay-Z = This song.

4. Dave Matthews – So Damn Lucky – I was never a big Dave guy.  He’s just a little too vanilla for me and this song is as vanilla as it gets.  Didn’t even know it was on my iPod. I’m sure there are some Dave fans out there though that are like “This is the greatest song ever!”.  Sorry I just don’t get it.

3. Korn – Alone I Break – Ah yes the band that got me through high school.  Those were the days.  Angry for no reason and I thought I knew it all.  They were awesome live in their prime I will always say that.  This video is kinda cool.  Jonathan Davis basically goes around and kills all the other guys in the band.

2. The Ramones – Rockaway Beach – It’s not hard not hard to reach.

1. The Beatles – Back In The USSR – So did they right this song when the Russians were still the bad guys?  Oh and why are they going back to the USSR?  I’m confused.

Well that’s it for this week’s Friday shuffle.  Happy New Year.

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