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Music Video Of The Day

Today’s music video is in black and white so you know it’s a very important one.  Today it’s Deerhunter with “Helicopter”.  Enjoy!

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Live EP: The Charity Concerts

We hold a monthly charity concert at Paulie's in Pleasantville on the second Friday of the month. Our next show is Feb 10th with Black Taxi and

Black Taxi and Me

Charity Concert Feb 10th with Black Taxi

If I may be so bold as to steal a line from my friend as he described Black Taxi. "This band is so good that if you


Live EP: My Pet Dragon

Thanks to BNK Productions for the recordings. This was recorded at Paulie's in Pleasantville for the NEXT charity concert series. Playlist: Intro Lightning Inside Flow Love Anthem My Pet Dragon is

Week 300 The Best of Jan 2012

Musically speaking 2012 is already off to a smashing start. Well, it's the last Wednesday of the month and that means we collect the best songs

Music Video Of The Day

Today's music video comes to us from the band Dawes.  The song is called "Time Spent In Los Angeles".  If you haven't heard it you should probably get


Steven Tyler Helps The Terrorists

Yesterday before the game between the Patriots and Ravens Steven Tyler sent the entire nation into a tizzy.  What was Steven Tyler's crime against the country?  He sang

Joe Paterno (1926-2012)

The news has just come out that Joe Paterno has died at the age of 85. One could say a broken heart was the cause of death, though

Thank You: The Bands Edition

Live music keeps you young at heart. Live music for a charity event saves your soul. I need to thank the bands that have played during our charity

Week 299 01.18.12

Thanks for listening. Our goal here at Next is very simple "Find you a next new favorite song". Let us know if that does happen.