Week 300 The Best of Jan 2012

January 25, 2012By ChrisMusic Podcast 13 Comments

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Musically speaking 2012 is already off to a …

Music Video Of The Day

January 23, 2012By CoachMusings By Mark 1 Comment

Today’s music video comes to us from the band Dawes.  The song is called “Time Spent In Los Angeles”.  If you haven’t heard it you should probably get out from under the rock you live under.  It’s a pretty big …

Steven Tyler Helps The Terrorists

January 23, 2012By CoachMusings By Mark No Comments

Yesterday before the game between the Patriots and Ravens Steven Tyler sent the entire nation into a tizzy.  What was Steven Tyler’s crime against the country?  He sang the national anthem.  The problem people really had was that Steven Tyler …

Thank You: The Bands Edition

January 20, 2012By ChrisConcert Series 2 Comments

Live music keeps you young at heart. Live music for a charity event saves your soul.

I need to thank the bands that have played during our charity concert series. They make brilliant music but maybe more importantly they are …

Week 299 01.18.12

January 18, 2012By ChrisMusic Podcast 11 Comments

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Thanks for listening. Our goal here at Next is very simple “Find you a next new favorite song”. Let …

Music Video Of The Day

January 18, 2012By CoachMusings By Mark 3 Comments

Today’s video comes to us from an all girl group.  Except the dude playing the drums although I could have sworn they had a girl drummer too.  Maybe he’s new.  Guitars make girls that much sexier.  If I had to …