We here at NEXT gather our favorite songs every month. We play them on the last Wednesday of said month. It is the end of a calendar year and so a best of show is in order but first I have collected all the months prior “best of’s”. In fact, I believe we’ll be having 3 “best of’s” this year for a total of 75 songs. A lot you may say. Sure I’ll give you that but remember that’s pared down from a list of over 270 songs (they are all below or if you have spotify: here’s the playlist). So I say good job Bro. Enjoy and please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Best of November Week 292

Best of October Week 287

Best of September Week 283

Best of August Week 279

Best of July Week 274

Best of June Week 270

Best of May Week 265

Best of April Week 261

Best of March Week 257

Best of February Week 252

Best of January Week 248

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  • December was a whirlwind for me and I’m just getting caught up. Just wanted to say this is awesome! Love having the best of 2011 in one place – in addition to your “best of” end of year shows. Thanks!

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