It’s the end of the world. Terminator style (throw in some I,Robot too). A computer program gets smart. Very smart. Humans die. A lot of humans die. Now the war.

It is a quick, easy read and will be made into a movie by Speilberg too. It’s winter time so I can’t really call it a beach read so let’s call it an airplane read. A book to bring with you as you are traveling around this holiday season. A book that doesn’t tax the brain too much. One you can “get back into” quickly.

I enjoyed the book quite a bit. Let me know how you feel.

Homemade trailer for the book

Still working on Moby Dick. Almost done. Better than I thought. Very close to being done with Awaiting Your Reply. Still haven’t started David Wallace Foster’s The Pale King. I want to pick it up. To start reading it but also want to save it. Does that make sense?

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