I can’t help but remember the public outcry over Lebron Jame’s now infamous decision to take his talents to South Beach.  Yesterday the Anaheim Angels signed Albert Pujols to a 10 year 254 million dollar contract.  Albert Pujols is not only leaving the team he came up with but he’s leaving the reigning world champions.  Pujols played with the Cardinals for eleven seasons.  Albert Pujols is leaving the city where he was king to go to Los Angeles to rub elbows with Paris HIlton.  My question is where’s the outcry?  Why is it that Lebron James is crucified for leaving his team to go to a winner but not Albert Pujols?

For the record I feel it’s ridiculous to chastise any athlete for switching teams.  In this day and age that’s the way it goes.  My only question is why is there no outcry?  Why were people so upset at Lebron James and not at Pujols?  Was it the length of time they each played for their former teams?  Lebron James left Cleveland after seven seasons.  Pujols has been in St. Louis for eleven seasons.  Like Lebron Pujols must have wanted to play for a winner right?  Lebron left Cleveland, who had no team whatsoever built around him, to go somewhere he could contend.  Pujols left the Cardinals who are the reigning world champions.  Maybe everyone was mad at Lebron because of all that money he signed for.  Lebron makes about fourteen million a year, slightly less than the league maximum, so that the team could sign other superstars.  But it can’t be the money everyone was mad at because Albert Pujols signed a 10 year contract worth over 25 million a year.

So to sum it up Lebron James left the team he played on for seven seasons to go to a better one for less money.  Pujols left the team he played on for 11 seasons to go to a worse team for a lot more money.  Which sounds worse to you?  Maybe what everyone was mad at was the nationally televised interview Lebron James gave regarding his decision, the proceeds of which went to charity.  I believe the Pujols press conference is tomorrow.  Just some advice for Albert though. Whatever you do don’t give a one-on-one interview and don’t donate the money to charity.  Your legacy will be tarnished forever and everyone will hate you for being such a douche.

So how does this work do I start getting payed now or when the season starts?


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