Why Pujols Is Worse Than LeBron

December 9, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark, Sports No Comments

I can’t help but remember the public outcry over Lebron Jame’s now infamous decision to take his talents to South Beach.  Yesterday the Anaheim Angels signed Albert Pujols to a 10 year 254 million dollar contract.  Albert Pujols is not only leaving the team he came up with but he’s leaving the reigning world champions. … Read More

Music Video Of The Day

December 9, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark 3 Comments

Today’s music video comes to us from PJ Harvey.  PJ Harvey put out a great album this past year but unfortunately no one seemed to notice.  So today’s song is off that great album.  Her album is called “Let England Shake” and today’s video is for the song “The Words That Maketh Murder”.  Not many … Read More

The Friday Shuffle……Kind Of

December 9, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark No Comments

Well everyone I have some very sad news to report.  While at the gym last week some monster ran off with my iPod.  It was a 64GB iPod touch, the best non-iPhone they make.  It is now gone.  The greatest iPod in the history of iPods has been stolen.  It truly is a sad day. … Read More