It seems that in recent years the typical “Rock Chick” has been in decline.  I mean after Courtney Love who is there really?  That’s why I’ve decided to do a ten songs for the ladies.  These ten songs are for current ladies of rock so sorry Janis Joplin but your dead.  Of course these are ten female artists that I find attractive so if any of them want to give me a call I’ll be waiting by the phone.  So here it is ten songs from chicks Coach wants to nail err I mean ten songs from current ladies of rock. If these bands toured together it’d be like a cool version of Lilith Fair.


The Black Angels – Ronettes (Live) – While it’s rare to see a rocker chick nowadays it’s even more rare to see a rocker chick drummer. Stephanie Bailey is the drummer for The Black Angels and she rocks.  If you haven’t heard the trippy sound of The Black Angels do it.  They’re like a modern day version of The Doors.

The Airborne Toxic Event – Numb – Anna Bulbrook is the Violinist/Back up  vocalist/Keyboard player/ Rocker chick in The Airborne Toxic Event.  I was once at a show where she dove off the stage and landed on me.  It was the most action I’ve gotten out of anybody on this list.  I tried to grab her ass but it didn’t happen.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero – She sort of looks like a young version of my Mom so she loses a few points there but she’s still a great rocker chick.  I’m going to go to my therapist now and figure out what this says about me.  I might be a severely disturbed individual.

The Kills – URA Fever – My love of Allison Mosshart knows no bounds.  She might be the best rocker chick out there right now.  I just feel like she could kick my ass and that’s what a rocker chick should look like.  She’s smarter, hotter, and cooler than just about any woman out there.

Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got The Love – Yea I’ve got the love Florence.  Sometimes her face looks a little rough so she might be a two face but she’s still talented and still a great rock chick.

The xx – Crystalised – She’s probably the ugliest chick on this list but she’s still a rocker chick.  She sings and plays guitar and is a little off. All qualities we look for in a rocker chick.  She has it all except for maybe the looks.  I guess she looks OK maybe she just needs a new haircut.

Feist – Mushaboom – She has a brilliant new album out so go get it.  I had the good fortune to meet her a few weeks ago and she’s just as good looking in person.  She’s very tiny and I’m kind of a big guy but it’s cool with me.

Karen Elson – The Ghost Who Walks – She’s married to Jack White so I guess that makes her rock royalty.  She’s like the Kate Middleton of the rock world.

The Raveonettes – Love In A Trash Can – Sharin Foo is the hot blonde chick.  Their a Danish band which I think means they’re from Denmark but I’m not sure.

The White Stripes – The Hardest Button To Button – I’ll always have a soft spot for Meg White.  I always feel like no one sees her the way I see her.  By that I mean no one realizes that beyond that drum set is a cool, quiet, tiny girl with large breasts.  She’s a hottie.  I bet the hardest button to button would be the one towards near her boobs just sayin’.





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