I’ve got 2 word for you. Indie Rock Dance Party. OK I’ve got 2 more words: Charity Concert. There that’s better right? I hope to see you there with friends. Lots of friends.

It’s a monthly concert series to raise money and awareness for two great Westchester charities, Gilda’s Club of Westchester and The Greyston Foundation. The concerts are held at Paulie’s at 14 Marble Ave in Pleasantville NY. $10 at the door (all proceeds go to the charities. We’ve raised over $2,850 so far)

It’s great people gathering together to listen to great music for a great cause. Bring friends too. Live music keeps you young. Live music is good for your soul. Helping a charity also is good for your soul. It’s win-win and how many times in life is that truly true?

Please RSVP at the facebook event page.

This concert series would not be possible with all the help I’ve gotten. Thank you very much. Please let’s support those that support good music and these wonderful causes.
Thank you:
Q Restaurant,
Comb Vodka,
BNK Productions,
Crystal Rock/Green Mountain and
Captain Lawrence Brewery.

Let’s get to know the bands
Fifth Nation

Steven Wright-Mark and the Sideshow Freaks

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  • Loved seeing Steven again and I love Fifth Nation! They are amazing in person…they have a great presence, a great sound and they’re unique! BTW, I got an email from them yesterday which has a link to their site. They are together…love at first sight! Happy holidays to you and your family, Chris!

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