Last night I was watching my beloved New York Giants on Sunday Night Football.  They were playing like garbage so I decided to channel surf.  I came across the American Music Awards and decided to watch and see what the kids were into these days.  The big award of the night at the end.  I think Taylor is a sweet kid.  I don’t think much of her music but she seems nice enough and after what Kanye West did to her how could you not at least root a little for her at every awards show.  I only have one small request.  No it’s not that she stop making music, although that wouldn’t be terrible.  I just think it’s about time that she give up the “OH MY GOD I’m so shocked I won this award act”.  She took home the award last night and when they announced her name her reaction was unbelievably over the top.  It was as if someone pulled her in off the street and told her she won the lotto.  I just don’t get the reaction. Can she really be that shocked? I mean she was nominated with two other people so right away she had a 33.3chance of winning.  I wasn’t nominated so if I won the award it would be a tremendous shock and I would probably have a similar reaction.  Also it was the 10th American Music Award Swift had won and her 3rd of the night.  Seriously she can’t be that surprised that she won.  Sure it’s a tad refreshing that she’s down to earth and all that but it’s getting to be a little over the top and downright weird.  After winning ten of those awards you’d think she’d be prepared if she won.  It’s at the point where it’s starting to seem contrived.  My guess is she’ll win another award or two.  She’s not all that young anymore so maybe it’s time to be a little bit of a pro up there.  Video is below so you can see for yourself what I’m talking about.




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