What’s going on right now at Penn State is completely insane on so many levels.  Let’s start with the reaction.  Students and alumni supporters of Joe Paterno should be ashamed of themselves. In general college kids are pretty dumb.  I can’t help but think that other countries around the world look down their noses at us.  What do we riot about?  An injust war?  A ruthless dictator? Nope a football coach who lost his job after allegedly aiding a child molester.  Make no mistake about it that’s exactly what he did.  Let’s riot and cry and show our outrage to the board of trustees for firing Joe Pa.  I mean he was a really really good football coach.  Kudos to the board of trustees for making a swift decision.  Joe Paterno had the audacity to say that he would retire at the end of the season.  When Paterno turned a blind eye to the sick abuse that was going on under his nose he gave that chance up.  If Joe Paterno coached and won on senior day how would those victims and their families have felt watching the team carry him off  the field triumphantly?  That would have been a sickening site.  There were plenty of signs on Saturday supporting the great Joe Pa.  What a wonderful man that Joe Pa must be I mean he’s a really really good football coach so he can do no wrong.  Kudos to the board of trustees for having the courage to fire Joe Paterno.  If a coach came to me and told me what he had seen it would take four men to keep me from immediately running out of the building to the police station to report it.  I understand he reported it to the president of the school but don’t you think this is the type of thing he should have followed up on?  Maybe ask a few questions?  Also what about the assistant coach who witnessed a ten year old boy being raped by a creepy old man in the shower?  Not for nothing but if I walked by and witnessed this awful act I would put my fist so far down the guy’s throat he’d be spitting his teeth on the floor like they were sunflower seeds.  The only reason people feel sorry for Joe Paterno is because he’s old.  If Joe Paterno were 40 years old they’d be screaming for his head on a platter.  Let’s play a new game.  It’s called “What Would Coach Do”.  No not Coach Paterno, what would I you’re beloved blogger Coach do?  Not only is this a game but it’s a way to live your life.  Below I will list what I would have done if I were the parties involved.

If I were…

Joe Paterno – It would be easy.  I would have made 3 phone calls. First phone call to the president/AD of the school telling them what my assistant coach just told me and that I was calling the police.  Phone call number 2 would be to the police telling them what my assistant coach had told me.  Phone call number 3 would be to Sandusky telling him that until this was cleared up he was banned from campus until further notice.  There case closed.  Three easy steps.

President Of The School – CALL THE POLICE!!! Then ban Sandusky from the campus until his name was cleared.

Mike McQueary – Knock the crap out of Sandusky and drag his naked body out of the shower by his hair and down to the police station to be arrested.

See if more of you asked yourselves “What would Coach do?” the world would be a much better place.  I’ve always said that no one person is ever bigger than an organization no matter who they are.  Whether it be a team, a school, or a company if they allow a single person to become bigger than the organization than that organization ceases to exist.  Babe Ruth finished his career with the Boston Braves.  No one rioted and last I checked the Yankees were doing pretty well.  Penn State was there before Joe Paterno and it will be there long after.

Don’t blame me.  I mean I’m Joe Pa I’m old and confused.

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