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Week 292 11.30.11 Best of November

20 songs that should be on your iPod right now. Well at least I think so. Thoughts? Please share with the class. Artist and song title: Deer Tick – Main Street Okkervil River – Wake and Be Fine Walk […]

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Live EP: The Knox Sisters

Next Charity Concert - Knox Sisters by CBro Thanks to BNK Productions for the recordings. This was recorded at Paulie's in

Music Video Of The Day

Today's video comes to us from one of my favorite New York Alt. bands.  It's hard to believe they've been around for over a decade now.  This song


Charity Concert: December 9th with Fifth Nation

I've got 2 word for you. Indie Rock Dance Party. OK I've got 2 more words: Charity Concert. There that's better right? I hope

Week 291 11.23.11

Thanks for listening. Happy Thanksgiving. The artists and the song titles: Okkervil River –Wake and Be Fine Deer Tick – Main Street Locksley – Don’t Make Me Wait


Happy Thanksgiving

So I guess a few Native Americans were a little pissed at yesterday's post.  I think they're still bitter over the white man's dominance.  Hey they have all

Music Video Of The Day

Being that Thanksgiving, or as I like to call it Thankstaking, is almost upon us I thought it'd be appropriate to have a video that get us in

Music Video Of The Day

The Kills are by far the coolest band around.  My crush on Alison Mosshart knows no bounds.  In today's video Alison dukes it out with her band mate

Taylor Swift Wins…. And She’s Shocked.

Last night I was watching my beloved New York Giants on Sunday Night Football.  They were playing like garbage so I decided to channel surf.  I came across

Voices Against Brain Cancer

From Jesse of Locksley Hey there friends, My cousin Joe was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. They've made some potentially major advances in treating it recently - some