OK it’s Halloween.  I figured I’d do a ten songs and list ten cool Halloween song for everyone to listen to.  While you’re handing out candy tonight take a listen to these tunes.  Just a word of advice.  Don’t be one of those people who goes the healthy route and gives out fruit or something instead of candy.  It’s lame and your house will get egged.  The last thing a kid wants on Halloween in a small box of raisins.  Oh and no loose change either ya cheap bastards.


Ramones – Pet Sematary – I don’t think that’s how you spell cemetery but it’s how the Ramones spell it so it must be cool.

The Kills – I Put A Spell On You – This is a great cover.  The Kills really are the coolest band around.

Otis Redding – Trick or Treat – Not many people are cooler than Otis Redding.  You should probably listen to this one even when it’s not Halloween.

Talking Heads – Psycho Killer – I always thought of this as a kind of an upbeat cheery song about a psycho killer.  Maybe this is for that guy “Dexter”.

Donovan – Season Of The Witch – I DJed at a bar where the bartenders were from Ireland and they wee obsessed with Donovan.  He has a cool sound.

Type O Negative – Black Number 1 – Let’s face it nothing is more Halloween than heavy metal.  These guys are from Brooklyn and they kick ass.  Peter Steele is deceased now but his eerie deep voice will always haunt me on Halloween.  I mean that in a good way.

Marylin Manson – This Is Halloween – Manson is the personification of Halloween.  This is a cover of a song from that Halloween movie everyone seems to love that I never bothered seeing.

Bach – Toccata and Fugue In D Minor – Yea it’s technically classical music and there are no lyrics but a more terrifying song you will not find.

Ben Gibbard – Thriller – This one is hard to find but if you explore the interwebs it’s out there somewhere.  It’s a great cover and makes the song much more eerie.

Santana – Black Magic Woman – OK so maybe this isn’t that spooky but making these lists is hard OK?



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