OK everyone it’s October and they’re expecting snow this weekend.  Don’t shoot yourself just yet it’s time for the Friday shuffle.  1,000 songs on 1 iPod.  Let’s turn in on random and see what comes out.


10. Beatles – When I’m 64 – When I’m 64 my wife will only be 25 and I’ll be having tons of fun.

9. U2 – Gone – I think I have every U2 song ever recorded on my iPod.  I’ve never even heard this song but it’s U2 and they’re like pizza.  Even if it’s bad it’s still pretty good so you can’t go wrong.

8. MuteMath – Electrify – Love these guys.

7.  Live – I Alone – I think this guy’s a Jesus freak now.  This was a great album though.  I always thought the bald look with the long pony tail was weird but this guy seems to pull it off pretty well.  I mean it’s not like he looks extremely odd or anything.

6. Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies) – I like what the iPod is doing so far today.  Do I really need to say anything about these guys?

5. Marshall Crenshaw – Someday, Someway – I have to say I know nothing about Marshall Crenshaw.  This song is kinda cool though.  Sounds like a Buddy Holly throwback.

4. Allman Bros. Band – Blue Sky – I was never a huge Allman Bros guy but I do have respect.  Can’t believe he nailed Cher when she was hot.  Nice job.

3. Rolling Stones – Get Off Of My Cloud – If you don’t like this the terrorists have won.

2. Marilyn Manson – Man That You Fear – Nice just in time for Halloween.  Hey Marilyn the devil called.  Forst off he says “hi”.  He also says your videos scare him so maybe you could just dial it down a notch thanks.

1. The Shins – Phantom Limb – Yea Broken Bells are better so this guy should probably just keep doing that.  This is a good song though.


Happy Halloween

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