Let’s get this out of the way. If you read any article or talked to someone about CMJ and they didn’t mention this showcase (Sat Oct 22 at Mercury Lounge)…feel free to stop listening and ignore anything they had to say. Now or ever.

Pre-event I was excited. I knew most of the bands and they are some of my favorite live acts around today. The acts I had never seen impressed as well. It was a brilliant night and I think I did a fine job as host too. Well accept for the last band at 2AM. I didn’t get to the stage and they introduced themselves. Sorry Fresh Millions.

I grabbed a few more quick interviews in the basement:

Simple questions with Ezra from Black Taxi

Simple questions with Reena from My Pet Dragon

SQCB: Bright Light Social Hour
SQCB: Black Taxi and AJ from BLSH
SQCB: Pleasantville 2010

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