OK everyone it’s that time of the week again.  You know the drill 5,000 songs on my iPod put on complete random shuffle.  here are the first ten songs that pop up.

10. Lisa Loeb – Stay (I Missed You) – I always had a thing for Lisa Loeb.  She’s totally cute.  I think I have a ting for chicks with glasses.  Is that weird?

9. Meatllica – Unforgiven – I think the black album unfairly gets lumped in with Metallica’s bad albums.  The Black album was a great album and this is a great song.  Lars beats the hell out of his snare drum on this one.

8. The Ramones – California Sun – Love this cover.  A great punk rock Summer song.  A song about California from quintessential New Yorkers.  Something tells me that if they grew up in California they just wouldn’t have that punk attitude.

7. Styx – Come Sail Away – It’s unbelievable how much Styx suck.  Has there ever been a cheesier band?  I would actually take Journey over these guys and that’s saying something because I hate Journey.  This is just awful.  These guys make Journey look like Led Zeppelin.

6.  The Beatles – Please Mr. Postman – I know this is a cool Beatles tune but for some reason I like the girl group version better.  You be the judge.  The Beatles or The Marveletes who ya got?

5. Florence + The Machine – What The Water Gave Me – This is off Florence’s forthcoming album.  This is a pretty good song just not as catchy as some of her other stuff.  I hope she doesn’t expect this to be played on the radio.

4. Gin Blossoms – Hey Jealousy – My buddy was obsessed with these guys while I was in my heavy metal angry for no reason phase in high school.  Looking back I guess they aren’t so bad or “faggy” as the macho, immature 16 year old version of myself probably would have put it.  I told you I was angry.

3. The Contours – Move Mr. Man – Classic motown from 1962.  It’s amazing how long this stuff stays with me.  I can still here it blasting out of my mother’s stereo around the house.

2. The Calling – Wherever You Will Go – Don’t get me wrong I’m totally cool with dudes professing their love through song.  Just not like this.  I think maybe they lay it on a little thick here.  That and the guy’s voice sucks.  If he’s going to go wherever she will go then maybe she should go play in traffic.

1. Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger – No matter how many times I hear it this song never fails to pump me up.  Rise up to the challenge of your rivals!  Get motivated!


OK that’s it people see ya next week.

Never mess with a man in a beret


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