So it appears these people down at wall street just refuse to leave.  I get that people feel the need to protest every now and then but for the love of God I just cant figure out what this is.  What exactly are they protesting down there?  Every time I ask some one what the protest is about they simply reply ” oh it’s about wall street”.  So are they protesting the entire trading system?  So in order for them to leave everyone needs to stop trading stocks?  If that’s the case they might be there for a while.  It’s understandable that people these days are angry but shouldn’t a protest have a purpose?  When blacks in the 60’s were protesting they looking for equality.  They wanted to end segregation and over turn certain laws that held them back as a people.  Those were all specific goals of their movement.  Even in Egypt and the rest of the mid east the goal was to overthrow the government.  This “movement”, and I use that term loosely, seems like a bunch of whiners who really don’t know what they are angry at or what they want done.  The only goal of these idiots is to be as annoying as possible to get on TV.  I also love how these protesters are shocked that they are getting arrested.  Listen if I were to go outside right now and stand in the middle of street to block traffic and refused to move I’d be hauled away immediately.  These people are causing the city a major disruption and tons of man power costing New York even more money.  Personally I think the cops should go in there and start swinging.  Take those batons out and swing away boys.  Like Jeter with a 3-0 count and the bases loaded, have at it.  Don’t stop swinging until you’re not hitting anything.  I love the NYPD but I feel like sometimes they don’t smack people around enough.  I think ever since they shot that guy 41 times they’ve been a little gun shy.  Maybe we should call in the LAPD to help us out and show us how to beat the crap out of these people.  Then again they might not be of much help since most of the crowd seems to be white.  It looks like a few celebrities have stopped by too including Kanye West and Russell Simmons.  Yea because those guys are broke.  I’m sure Kanye West doesn’t own a boat load of stock.  Believe me I’m pretty sure Kanye West has a pretty diversified portfolio.  In fact I’m pretty sure most of these protesters are dropped off by their parents before they go to work at the NYSE. I wonder how long it’s going to take before they throw in the towel.  I say another month maximum.


Don’t just stand there swing! I said like Jeter with the bases loaded not A-Rod!


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