Well the Yanks have been knocked out in the first round and it seems everyone will be pointing fingers and placing blame.  No question people will be blaming the likes of A-Rod, Teixeira, and Girardi.  The real blame is Major League Baseball.  In recent months there has been a lot of talk about changing the playoff system for the MLB playoffs.  There has been talk of adding extra teams, making the first round longer or even having a play in game to try and give more of a disadvantage to the wild card teams.  All that talk is nonsense and truth be told the MLB playoffs are almost perfect the way they are.  I emphasize the word ALMOST.  With all the talk that’s going on no one has mentioned the one glaring problem with the playoffs.  The real problem is that the team with the best record doesn’t always play the team with the worst record.  So essentially there is very little reward for the team that owns the best record.  Take this years playoffs for example.  The Yankees had the best record in the American League.  So the playoff seedings were as follows:

1. Yankees 97-65
2. Rangers 96-66
3. Tigers 95-67
4. Rays 91-71

In any other sport the Yankees would play the Rays in the first round and The Tigers would play The Rangers.  Instead the Yankees have to play the Tigers who are only one game away from having the second best record.  The Rangers get to play Tampa Bay who had to burn all of there energy just to make it to the playoffs and finished 4 games behind them in the standings.  The Rangers easily handled Tampa and the Yankees were stuck facing the best pitcher in baseball, and arguably the MVP of the league.  All this because the MLB does not allow a wild card team to play a team within their own division.  This is like if the Lakers finished first in the Western Conference and instead of playing the worst team in the west they had to pay the Celtics in the first round because they are located in the east.  In fact let’s look at the NBA playoffs.  If the NBA.  If they ran their playoffs the same way last season the Celtics would have played Atlanta in the first round instead of the Knicks.  I think Boston would much prefer to play the Knicks.  Bud Selig needs to fix this problem.  There is currently no difference between having the best record in the league and having the second best record in the league.  That’s the real problem with the MLB playoffs and it’s a pretty simple fix.  No doubt the Tigers and Rangers series will be a good one but it should have already taken place.



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